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Flawless,Glowing Beautiful Skin!

We are all guilty of picking at our faces at some point or another. Whether we’re popping blackheads or zits, or picking at acne scabs or flaky skin – we've all done it. It’s a dirty little habit and it needs to stop for the sake of our skin.

Generally popping zits is unnecessary and can cause more damage to the skin than we think. Most individuals pop pimples in an incorrect manner squeezing the zit only to further spread the bacteria deeper down into the epidermis. This results in larger, inflamed pimples, and prolonged healing time. Popping pimples can also result in unwanted scabs, scars, fingernail indention's, increased pore size, damaged collagen, and broken capillaries. When we do pop a pimple improperly, this triggers the emergence of blood, followed by a sanguineous crust, also known as a scab. Many of us are inclined to pick at our scabs and in doing so this can result in an even longer healing process, as well as deeper, darker scars.

Popping that pimple on your chin really isn't worth it after examining the skin damaging consequences, is it?! If we want to have beautiful, glowing skin we have to stop picking at our skin! Below are some valuable tips to stop picking at your face:

* Drink lots of water, i cant stress that enough.

* Stop touching your face! – Touching your face will only encourage you to pick at your skin when you discover a new blemish or flaw. Touching your face can also spread bacteria from your fingers and cause additional acne to emerge.

*Every time you catch yourself touching your face tell yourself, “NO!”, and find something else to distract yourself. (For example: exercise, clean etc.)

* Stop looking in the mirror every chance you get! – Looking at your face up-close in a mirror only makes matters worse. You’ll catch yourself popping tiny, insignificant zits that truthfully didn't need to be popped, and picking at scabs that were in the process of healing. After you’re done damaging your skin, your former insignificant blemishes won’t look so insignificant afterwards. So stop looking in the magnifying mirror!

* Use natural, skin healing products on your face to prevent acne, blackheads, flaky skin and scars. – You won’t be inclined to pick at your face if you have flawless skin, so nurture it with organic, skin healing products:

* Use a plant-based skin care product, such as moringa oil, and apply daily to your face. Moringa seed oil has several beneficial, skin healing properties and is naturally capable of detoxifying and cleansing the skin. It is capable of improving acne and scars, is a great lightweight moisturizer, and is suitable for all skin types.

* Aloe Vera gel is another terrific, natural skin topical. Aloe Vera applied directly to the skin can promote the healing of acne, skin abrasions, and scars.

* If you feel like you must pop a zit, purchase a blemish extractor and learn how to use it properly to avoid damaging your skin.

* If you have problem skin try to book a facial with a skincare specialist.


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